Best Rangefinder For Bow Hunting (In 2021)

Whether you use a bow or rifle, a laser rangefinder can assist make your searching journey a success.

These compact devices are incredibly precise at determining distance, and the majority of them are economically priced.

The following suggestions can help you discover the best rangefinder for hunting.

While we can’t choose the ideal item for your next hunting journey, we can assist you make a notified choice which is why we have the leading rangefinders showcased listed below.

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1. Bushnell The Truth Arc– Best for bowhunting


Our Rating: 9

The Truth Arc is typically thought about the best archery rangefinder, and it is not hard to see why. It is built from long lasting products that have been rigorously checked, and it is likewise designed to be rainproof so you can use it in nearly any climate condition. The compact size allows it to fit easily in your pocket, and you will also appreciate the textured grip that ensures the rangefinder stays securely in your hands. It also features a hassle-free access panel so you can easily alter the battery when needed.

What really sets this laser rangefinder apart from other models is its ability to quickly and properly compute distance, even at an angle. When Truth Arc is in “Bow Mode” it utilizes Bushnell’s ingenious ARC technology so you constantly know precisely which pin to utilize whether it is 7 or 199 backyards. This rangefinder will also properly compute the range to targets approximately 850 backyards away. With the Truth Arc you don’t even need to have the ability to see your target in order to make an accurate shot, specifically when you have the advantage of 4x the zoom.

The single button makes sure that this laser rangefinder is basic to use, so you can focus on the target. It also features a practical neck strap and protective case, in addition to a battery so you can utilize the rangefinder right out of package.

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2. Vortex Ranger 1000– The best searching rangefinder


Our Rating: 9.7

!! OUR PICK !!

If you require something a bit more effective that is also designed to stand up to rugged outside conditions, the Ranger 1000 might be simply what you are trying to find. It is covered in a protective rubber casing that is durable, light-weight and able to prevent damage to the rangefinder. It likewise comes with a textured designed so you safely grasp the Ranger 1000, even with wet hands. O-ring seals prevent water and wetness from getting in, together with dust and dirt. This ensures that you will always have the ability to plainly see the target, regardless of the weather conditions.

The lens is totally multi-coated so you can always count on crisp, intense images, and since you also have the advantage of the O-ring seals you never ever need to fret about your exposure being restricted due to fog or moisture inside the rangefinder. The diopter permits you to change the focus for accurate viewing, and with a range ability as much as 1,000 yards there are really few targets that you will not be able to see. Bowhunters will appreciate the mode for horizontal line of visions, and there is likewise a setting that will let you scan in meters or backyards.

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3. Leica Rangemaster CRF 1600-B– Quality item


Our Rating: 8

This laser rangefinder from Leica is developed to be easy to use, and practical to take with you on any searching journey. Its compact and light-weight construction permits it to fit easily in your pocket, and it is also created to hold up against most weather conditions. Considering that the lens is made by Leica you understand that it will be capable of plainly sighting distant targets, and the CRF 1600-B has a range of 1,600 backyards. This allows you to quickly focus on victim that would typically be too far for you to see. The lens is likewise covered with a water resistant finishing so rain and snow won’t interfere with your visual field.

While this laser rangefinder is exceptionally easy to use, it also includes a number of ingenious features. You will appreciate the advanced ballistic payment setting that will assist you identify distance and trajectory based upon air temperature and pressure, along with the angle. This will help make sure that your shot will be right on target, no matter outdoors conditions. There is likewise a mode created for usage with a bow, along with one that will scan the location to guarantee that you did not miss any possible targets. Lightweight, accurate and easy to use, this rangefinder from Leica might be what you need on your next searching journey.

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4. Simmons 801600– Great range finder for bow hunting


Our Rating: 8.1

Simmons has actually designed this rangefinder to be easy to operate and hassle-free to bring so you can take it with you on any searching journey. It features a lightweight and compact style that fits easily into a pocket or backpack, and it features a weatherproof construction that is resistant to rain and snow. With the press of a single button the rangefinder will instantly determine the distance to a target from 10 backyards up to 600 lawns away, and show the readings on the built in LED screen so you understand exactly where to intend.

Not only is this laser rangefinder from Simmons extremely easy to use, it also includes 4x zoom so targets appear crisp and clear. With the ability to see distant targets plainly up close, it will be simple to make any hunting trip a success. It is also compatible with 9 volt batteries, and includes a convenient light that will show when the power is running low. Light-weight, precise and affordable, this laser rangefinder is a fantastic alternative for novices and experienced hunters.

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5. OGL Wild Hunting– If you count every penny

OGL Wild Hunting Rangefinder

Our Rating: 7.8

An essential tool for your hunting adventures, and not only, the OGL Wild Hunting will provide you with much-needed intel on the landscape and the wildlife roaming around so that you do not have to get too close and risk being found by animals with delicate smell and hearing.

One of the greatest things about this design is its fantastic accuracy. The only mistake allowed by the producer on this device is one backyard. You will also like the reality that the Ailink Wild Hunting comes with a big range of approximately 540 backyards, and it benefits from remarkable scan and speed technologies.

You won’t need to worry about dealing with harsh weather condition with such a tool. Its rugged body is developed with resilience in mind, and it is resistant to water and dust. As far as optics are worried, the lens is ultra-clear, and you will be able to check out all the required details, such as range and battery, for hassle-free and effective use.

Users will likewise value how light-weight this design is. It is comfortable to carry around, and you’ll see no factor to leave it in the house the next time you go hunting. Seeing how it deals wonderfully with both static and moving targets, it is just the tool you need to bring home a prize.

Selecting the ideal searching rangefinder- What to try to find

A rangefinder can help keep your shots accurate, even at a distance. It can help you determine and correct your shots for surface and elevation, and there are numerous makes and designs to pick from. Prior to you start trying to find a rangefinder there are a couple of aspects to consider, and the tips below can assist you make a smart getting decision.

1. Budget plan and Quality

When you are trying to find the very best hunting rangefinder one of the very first elements to think about is your budget, however it is likewise important to bear in mind to check for quality. In general optical searching equipment will be priced according to its quality, which implies that oftentimes you will get precisely what you spend for.

Deciding on a spending limit will assist you narrow down your choices so it will be easier for you to decide. The maximum variety and included features will likewise be identified by your spending plan, and it is necessary to think about whether you are searching with a bow or a rifle. If you are utilizing a bow you may desire a rangefinder that can likewise determine horizontal distance so you can compensate for gravity when you are shooting from a tree stand. Rifle users will probably wish to pay a little additional for a rangefinder that is capable of measuring distances as much as 1,200 yards or more. While these features may cost a little bit more, it deserves it to ensure that you get the best rangefinder for your type and style of searching.

2. Type

A lot of hunters rely on laser rangefinders to determine the range to the target, however there are likewise optical and ultrasonic designs. Laser rangefinders track the amount of time it takes for the infrared light to take a trip to the target and back, and the range is plainly shown on a little built in screen. Considering that the speed of light is constantly continuous laser rangefinders are incredibly accurate, but the distance these devices are able to determine will depend on the type of target.

Optical rangefinders utilize mirrors to measure the range, which is then shown on a dial. The mirrors show 2 images which are turned till only one target is shown. These devices are not used as typically out in the field since it does take time to combine the images and display the range to the target, however an optical rangefinder is frequently inexpensively priced and can enhance your possibilities of striking fixed targets that are farther away. Just remember that you will require time and some patience to utilize an optical rangefinder.

You can also discover ultrasonic rangefinders, but these gadgets are normally not suggested for use by hunters given that the slightest sound can affect its accuracy. Ultrasonic rangefinders send sound waves that are produced by the transducer. The sound waves will bounce off of the target and the signal will be identified by the portable device which then measures the distance. While an ultrasonic rangefinder can be incredibly precise, it is important to remember that birds, wind, rain, and other common outside noises will disrupt the sound waves making the range readings ineffective. It is also tough to precisely determine horizontal distances with these kinds of rangefinders, unless you hold the device at the best angle. This frequently makes these gadgets unwise for bowhunters to utilize when they remain in a tree stand.

3. Optics

The most important aspect to think about are the optics, and you don’t wish to try and save cash by acquiring a rangefinder with inferior optics. This describes the zoom, variety, and capability to make up for angles. If the device is not capable of spotting the target and properly measuring the range, no matter elevation, your new rangefinder will rapidly become a pricey purchasing mistake.


If you regularly need to make precise cross country shots then you want to choose one that has a variety capability of 1,000 backyards or more. This will make sure that you can accurately sight and determine the long distance you require to make a humane killing shot. It is also essential to keep in mind that many makers calculate maximum range in perfect weather, which implies if it is overcast or rainy distance abilities will be visibly lower.

Angle Compensation

Angle payment is another crucial consideration, unless you constantly plan on aiming from flat and level terrain. Because the possibilities of you never having to deal with a hill or fire down from a tree stand are slim, you will want to select a rangefinder that can calculating distances at an angle. While it is possible to carry out these exact same calculations by hand, you run the risk of losing sight of your target. Knowing how high to intend the rifle or bow can be the difference between striking the victim or squandering a shot.


The zoom of the lens will determine how clearly you can see the target, and this can be essential when you are attempting to sight at a distance. A lot of economically priced models have a zoom variety in between 4 x approximately 8 x, which is generally sufficient to permit you to sight in on a target without disrupting your field of vision. If you require a rangefinder with a greater zoom, it needs to be kept in mind that you may lose a few of your field of view. This can make it difficult for you to see possible targets off to the side, in addition to significantly increasing the cost of the rangefinder.


When you are looking at the optics on a rangefinder the lens should likewise be thought about, and there are a few types to pick from. While all models come with an optical lens, the covering can differ. This will impact just how much light is allowed through the lens which determines how crisp and clear the target appears. The type, quantity and place of the finish will likewise affect the price of the rangefinder, together with how it can best be used.

There are four kinds of finish usually applied to lenses. Layered lenses are covered on one surface area, while fully-coated have a single layer applied to both sides. There are likewise numerous coated and completely multi-coated lenses that can allowing plenty of light through for crisp, clear images, however this does come at a greater rate. If you often find yourself trying to measure the distance to a target in a dark forested area it might be worth it to pay extra for a rangefinder with a numerous covered lens, but if you are continuously sighting in intense light a less expensive gadget with a coated or fully-coated lens will most likely be the very best choice for you.

You also wish to think of the size of the lens, which will also affect the cost of the rangefinder. Larger lenses are priced higher, but do permit more light in without limiting your field of vision. The drawback to the bigger lens size is that it can add additional weight to the rangefinder, and make it less convenient to carry. Unless you plan an investing the entire day sitting in a blind or tree stand, a rangefinder with a smaller lens is probably all you need to effectively strike the target.

4. Size and Ease of Use

Even if you plan on going on a prolonged hunting trip you still don’t wish to need to bring around a great deal of gear, specifically if you are going to be climbing into a tree stand. Most modern rangefinders are created to be light-weight and compact so you can quickly tuck it into your pocket or backpack. Together with the overall design of the rangefinder, the lens and battery will likewise impact size and weight.

While you want the rangefinder to be large enough for you to easily operate the buttons, you do not want to have to have a hard time to pack it with the rest of your equipment. Since the majority of rangefinders for hunting are currently compact, this is generally not something you actually need to fret about. Larger lenses can weigh more and will affect the size, but if you don’t require to allow the maximum amount of light through to plainly see your target you can save cash and lighten your load with a smaller sized rangefinder. Most of the times the battery is already designed to be compact and light-weight, and will just need to be charged or replaced once a year.

A lot of compact rangefinders are also developed to be easy to use so you can concentrate on lining up your shot, and not on working the device. The very best rangefinder for bow searching or rifles will simply need you to push a button after you have actually spotted the target, and then glance at the little LCD screen to see the range clearly displayed. There are greater priced rangefinders that come with additional features that will calculate other factors, however most of the times you just require to know just how much to adjust for elevation and distance so you can quickly hit the target before it moves.


A rangefinder can make it simpler for you to properly strike your target, even at a distance. A lot of models created for bow and rifle hunters are easy to use and load with the rest of your equipment, and some even included a hassle-free neck strap and protective bring case. While understanding the specific range to the target might not look like something that you require to know, it can make the distinction between a missed out on shot and an effective searching trip. Now that you understand precisely what you require from a rangefinder, finding the ideal one for you ought to be relatively fast and simple.

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