Best Hunting Scope Under 500 (In 2021)

A scope is a crucial instrument when it concerns hunting. It helps in viewing targets more effectively and shooting right on point. Arbitrarily picking up any tool might not result in much better option so it is necessary to go through some finest searching scopes under 500 and pick the most suitable one.

The rifle scope cost a bit high but the functions differ according to the prices. The product needs to be compatible sufficient to mount on the riffle which a hunter holds. So the hunter ought to be extremely mindful while selecting the scope.

With increasing interest in hunting, lots of functions are required or anticipated in a scope costing 500 dollars by the hunters. The majority of the scope under this price is of high class and can be used from medium to long-range targets. The concern of the purchaser is whether the scope deserves enough and is useful in the long run.

When it concerns distance then the scope bought for 500 need to be capable enough to target up to 600 yards. Numerous other attributes such as high zoom, mild dot reticle, absolutely no turrets resettable, eye relief and so on. A good featured scope helps in aiming the target with high effectiveness.

Prior to buying scope is it is necessary to check certain things that make the purchasing decision more favorable.

So let’s discuss a couple of attributes which should be inbuilt in the best hunting scope under 500 dollars
Purchasers Guide

While looking for an ideal and genuine scope there are specific features that revolve in the minds of the purchaser. No doubt the right qualities make the scope more preferable by the hunters.

To reach the target rapidly and firmly a certain set of functions is expected by the hunter in the scope. All in all, gun lovers constantly search for an instrument that helps in boosting the efficiency and offers a much better experience constantly with each shot.

Let’s take a look at some functions which ought to be present in scope under 500
1. The zoom

A great zoom scope assists in viewing the image extensively and properly. The scope must have the ability to zoom the picture clearly to focus on the target.

The highest and most good magnification level is 6.5 x to 20x. A scope that has the zoom near this figure can likewise be taken into account.

The buyer should also see whether the scope is not blurring the image at the highest magnification level. For a long-range targeting, this attribute plays a vital role.
2. The objective lens

The objective lens is another function that is taken a look at when the buyer comes down for choosing the finest scope. The top quality multi-coated lens is to be structured in the scope for vibrant and high contrast images.

A lens must also be scratch-proof and ought to give a clear field of vision when a hunter comes down for searching. So it is necessary to go through the lens present in the scope.
3. The reticle

A scope under 500 dollars need to have appropriate reticle implantation including the moderate dot. The reticle helps in intending the target dramatically. The incorrect reticle in the scope may lead to a bad shot.

Numerous finest scopes in the market come with the finest reticle which offers an authentic hunting experience to the huntsman.
4. The eye relief

The eye relief is likewise an equally crucial function when it comes to picking an important scope. The good eye relief helps in quick target acquisition. The eye relief of the scope should be 3.5 -4 inches so that it can be utilized effectively for targeting at long variety in addition to short-range.
5. The Illumination quality

The lighting quality should be excellent so that it easy to reach the target. Generally, the scope under 500 dollars comes with two kinds of lighting i.e., red or green which helps in viewing the intense image. The illumination modification should also be smooth adequate to maneuver.

This function helps in viewing the target at low light conditions or dark field. Each illumination type includes 5 levels of strength which makes it more suitable. So this is likewise one of the most important aspects to be seen by the buyers.

Finest Hunting Scope Under 500
1. Beileshi Hunting Rifle Scope

Eye relief adjuster
Holds zero effectively
Coat is multi-coated

Examine Deals

2.20-60X Spotting Scope

A sharp and high contrast image
Glass is of good quality
Easy to maneuver

Inspect Deals

3. Searching Illuminated Scope

Changes are really clear and smooth
Magnification is really remarkable
Easy to reset

Examine Deals
Gosky Spotting Scope $158.99 4.4 Check Deals
Beileshi Hunting Rifle Scope $41.99 4.3 Check Deals
Searching Dual Illuminated Scope $93.88 4.4 Check Deals
20-60X Spotting Scope $129.99 4.6 Check Deals
Barska Hunting Scope $127.71 4.0 Check Deals
Landove Spotting Scope $159.99 4.4 Check Deals
Vortex Optics Scope $199.00 4.6 Check Deals
Vortex Optics Riflescope $149.00 4.5 Check Deals
Bushnell dusk and dawn rifle $110.86 4.6 Check Deals
Burris Ballistic Plex Riflescope $184.99 4.4 Check Deals
1. Gosky Spotting Scope

The Gosky finding scope comes under one of the most efficacious scopes under 500. With a multi-coated optic lens and sharp magnification, the product can provide a clear view of the target which is aimed by the hunter.

The manufacturer has made the scope really user-friendly which leads to much better use of the tool while searching.
Special Features

The Magnification: The instrument helps in zooming the item approximately 20x to 60x
The lens: The lens is fully multi-coated and offers a clear and splendid photo
The objective lens: The diameter of the unbiased lens is 80Mm for high-level resolution
The eyepiece: The eyepiece is entirely adjustable and helps in viewing pleasantly
The framework: The body of the scope is shockproof
The adapter: The mobile phone adapter assists in taking the views and photos of searching from the smartphone


The lens turns and helps in viewing the picture from a better angle
The phone adapter is very useful
High magnification
Transmission of light at optimal level
The eyepiece is well structured
Easy to maneuver
The reticle is appropriate

No good-quality rings

Last verdict: The product has some extremely genuine functions which make it worth purchasing. It is highly recommended to all hunters searching for a scope that has exceptional optical clarity and enormously excellent eyepiece attached. The qualities of the scope make totally justice to the price charged by the business.
2. Beileshi Hunting Rifle Scope

The product from Beilishi is been perfectly drawn for hunting enthusiasts and cost under 500 dollars. The scope is well designed with some beneficial qualities which will provide a quality searching affair.

The users can benefit from the modifications which are very smooth and assists in targeting securely. The eye relief can also turn beneficial to the buyers of this instrument.
Unique Features

The lens: The lens of the coat is multi-coated and is scratch proof for a perfect view of the target
The lighting: The illumination in the scope is red or green with 5 levels of intensity
The scope rings: The 20mm weaver dovetail rail can just be mounted on the scope rings
The zoom: The zoom of the scope is 6-24x
The unbiased size: The unbiased diameter of the scope is developed as 50mm.
The eyepiece: The fast-focus eyepiece is practical for fast target acquisition


The optics of the scope are clean
Proper eye relief adjuster
The windage and elevation knobs work well
Helps in producing the picture properly
The reticle and lighting is effectively
The eye relief corresponds
It holds no successfully
The crosshair is on side

The scope does not install in lots of kinds of rifles

Final decision: The scope is magnificently designed for all the young gun holders. The instrument works well for both long-range and little range games. The item is good value for cash and is highly suggested to all the huntsmen who want to get their hands on the scope with sophisticated qualities.
3. Hunting Dual Illuminated Scope

The searching rifle scope is well structured with high run functions. With its high modes of delivery, it has ended up being the choice of numerous hunters. The scope is totally water resistant, shockproof and fog evidence and can be utilized in any type of weather condition to hunt.

The hunter can see a bright image of the target from this scope and experience some surreal hunting video game utilizing it.
Unique Features

The optic: The optic lens is fully covered and the glass is crystal clear for a brilliant picture
The reticle: The multi x reticle helps in viewing the target more sharply
The eye relief: The eye relief of the scope is 3– 3.4 inches
The turret: The turret features 1/0 MOA and simple elevation and windage changes
The unbiased size: The scope comes with a 50mm objective diameter.
The magnification: It helps in zooming the image approximately 4x to 16x.


The modifications are extremely clear and smooth
The green and red dot on the scope is useful
Easy to reset zero in the instrument
The zoom is extremely remarkable
Is readily available for an additional rail
The fast-focus eyepiece is QTA
It works well for long-range targets

The scope is little big to install
The autofocus of scope doesn’t work well

Last verdict: This specially developed scope for hunters has numerous great attributes which makes it special and preferable. The scope is very easy to understand and has flawless changes. No doubt it among the very best long-range hunting scopes under 500 and is completely suggested to all the buyers.
4. 20-60X Spotting Scope

Another finest scope under 500 dollars is a 20-60x identifying scope. The maker has actually specially developed the scope for hunting functions. With its high zoom quality, it is simple to shoot the tiniest target from it.

The best performance of the optic permits the hunter to shoot the target with a lot of accuracy.
Unique Features

The magnification: The zoom of the scope is 20-60x and assists in zooming commonly
The optic lens: The optic lens is covered with multiple layers and the size is 80mm
The eyepiece: The eyepiece is developed for fast focus and has a size of 80mm
The eye relief: With an eye relief of 17.9 mm to 15mm it controls fast targeting
The Holder: The mobile phone holder helps in placing the phone and recording the videos from the searching.
The body: The scope is made as a waterproofer and can be utilized for searching on rainy days.


Provides a sharp and high contrast image
Extremely great zoom
Smartphone adapter helps in recording finest searching videos
The eyepiece is located appropriately
The glass is of good quality
Easy to steer
Easy to install on the rifle

Not so useful for long-range targeting

End product: The scope has some great functions which make it an ideal buy with 500 dollars in hand. It can be quickly set up and if bought by the huntsman can be utilized in some efficient varmint hunting. The item even comes with a case to bring the scope which is more secure to keep.
5. Barska Hunting Scope

The item is produced by a company called Barska. The clearness of the scope is unsurpassable and it has great zooming settings that make it more suitable with sharp targeting. Inbuilt with some interesting functions the item is certainly among the very best searching identifying scopes under $500.
Unique Features

The rheostat: The adjustable rheostat in the scope helps in changing the illumination color of the mil-dot.
The unbiased lens: The objective lens can be functioned as a glare decrease for a clear view.
The lens coat: The lens is multi-coated and assists in proper light transmission
The reticle: The reticle is well organized with efficient green or red mil dot
The zoom: The scope assists in zooming the target by 1-4x
The structure: The scope is waterproof and shockproof and has high resilience.


The glass of the scope is clean
The crosshair is created on point
Offers a clear vision in low light conditions.
Easy to reset absolutely no
The eye relief is really useful
The optics is of exceptional quality
Proper zooming settings
The scope is user-friendly

The scope is extremely heavy to mount
The led is not durable
The scope is a little heavy to carry

Last Verdict: The tool is ideal for those hunters who are looking for a scope with extremely excellent optics. The illumination of the scope is very valuable for intending the target at numerous varieties. With correct functions, it falls in the classification of best-hunting scopes under 500.


The research can be taken into account by the buyer for making a proper choice of selecting the very best hunting rifle scope under 500. The item which goes well with the specific requirement and simple to install on can be chosen.

The above post provides a clear reflection on different types of scope with extremely advantageous characteristics. The hunter will get a clear idea and can buy good value for money scope. Although selecting one amongst them truly depends on the buyer.

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